This spectacular Lo Moon playlist highlights the best new music in Los Angeles right now

LA pop troupe Lo Moon are getting ready to release their self-titled debut album and you should know that it is really rather good. But you knew this was likely the case already – ‘Real Love’, their latest single was a soaring slice of electro-tinged pop music that you’d be the fool to miss.

Unsurprisingly they have a pretty good music taste, too. So good, in fact that we asked them to put together a little playlist about the best new acts from Los Angeles right now.

The Night Game – ‘Once In A Lifetime’


Martin is just an incredible songwriter. His new project has Kirin Callinan on guitar and brings to life Martin’s ‘America’. It’s a beautiful batch of songs guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days.

Ethan Gruska – ‘Me Who Isn’t Trying’

He’s such an honest singer/songwriter. He was in the band The Belle Brigade and more recently he produced and is playing with Phoebe Bridgers. His voice and lyrics are really one of a kind. ‘Slowmotionary’ is such a beautiful record.  

Yellow Alex – ‘Crash Into The Blue’


He’s part Prince and part alien. He is operating in such an interesting musical space and is a freak of a singer. He will blow you away live as well. He’s a musical powerhouse. We’re all lucky enough to witness the genius.

Miya Folick  – ‘Talking With Strangers’

There’s a beautiful angst about her and an honesty about her songwriting. I know sh’es working with one of our favourite producers Justin Raisen on her debut record, and I’m sure it will be amazing. The song ‘Talking With Strangers’ that’s out now is incredible.  

Knower – ‘Overtime’

These guys are from another planet. I can only require you watch this video and there’s no other way to really put it – enjoy!  

Slow Hollows – ‘Again’

Austin and the band have released one record and have appeared on Tyler The Creator’s and Frank Ocean’s record. They’ve got the whole LA feeling down and are really awesome people as well as musicians. We’ve been lucky enough to hear the new record and they’ve definitely made something great. 

Dustin Lovelis – ‘Dead Grass’

Such a beautiful spirit in Dustin’s songwriting. He writes songs from the heart. 

Sudan Archives – ‘Come Meh Way’

Sudan is such a unique spirit. First she’s an incredible violin player drawing a lot of inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers and on top of that sings, and produces an incredible blend of hip-hop/R&B/soul. She’s on the legendary Stones Throw records, which embodies such an important scene in LA. The song and video for ‘Come Meh Way’ are so beautiful. We’re all anxiously waiting to hear her debut record.

Lo Moon’s debut album is out February 23.