Local Natives – Dad-Friendly Indie At Its Most Hype – Free MP3

Local Natives are here for your father. Oh, you’re 47 and dad died three years ago from a degenerative disease? Don’t worry, that doesn’t matter, they’re digging him up, burning his Paul Simon and Crazy Horse LPs before his very (moldy) eyes and declaring themselves his fav new band that he likes to think he can ‘share’ with you…

Local Natives
Local Natives, also well versed with a spirit level

Remember how Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend ploughed in last year sounding like an amalgam of all the records your pops put on mixtapes for the last girlfriend he had before your mum turned up and brought decorative cushions and trowels into his life, whilst wearing clothes he could see himself looking pretty natty in too? Well, these LA plaid warriors didn’t miss that trick. They’re trudging the same damp-smelling 12-inch troughs, while injecting something friskier, looser, more DIY, and (perhaps even) more Pitchforkier into the jam.

They might as well have their ‘Later With Jools…’ artist’s pass branded onto the palm of their hands like the evil Nazi baddy from ‘Indiana Jones’. Bring on the Peruvian Yak-herding free-jazz sextet.

Here’s a brand new exclusive track (click the name to download), it’s called: ‘Sun Hands’.