London Five-Piece Hunck Get Starry-Eyed On Lush New Single ‘I’ll Wait’

Tottenham quintet Hunck have returned with a new single that duly affirms their niche as a spaced-out clan who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Taking a subtle step away from the plodding, Elliott Smith-tinged melodrama of previous tracks like ‘So Far, So Deep’, ‘I’ll Wait’ is a surf jangle that revolves around the shimmer of two lush guitar chords, steeped in a melancholy psych-pop sound, with singer Frederik Tyson-Brown carrying the song with distant and sorrowful vocals. “I’m tired of dreaming I’m hell, can’t even look at myself”/“Another day passes by, a day where I’d rather die”, he sings before the song reaches a starry climax with detuned synths and twinkling arpeggios.

Half mournful Mazzy Star ballad, half ‘60s psych nugget, ‘I’ll Wait’ is a dreamy delight that isn’t afraid to tug on heartstrings. Be sure to download it when it’s released on October 16.

James Bentley