If You Like Lorde Then You Should Check Out These Artists

The Kiwi singer has some new music recommendations for you.

It’s been a long old wait for Lorde to follow-up her stunning debut album ‘Pure Heroine’. It looks like next year might finally be the year we get to hear that second record, but in the meantime the Kiwi singer herself has some recommendations to keep you busy. As well as posting loads of photos and quotes with Jack Antonoff while they’re in the studio she’s also been co-signing a load of new bands and artists you wanna check out right now.


“Hi you – i love ‘sex’ a lot,” the singer wrote on Irish musician Eden’s Facebook wall earlier this year. “it does something very simple and intense to my brain – you managed to make it sound just as messy and emotional and twitchy and kind of in love and definitely freaked out as that situation feels.” The track has hints of The 1975 and Bastille, but messes with those big pop sensibilities with discordant, chopped sounds that make it feel rougher and rawer.

Forth Wanders


Lorde tweeted about this New Jersey group nearly three years ago, when she let the world know their EP ‘Slop’ was soundtracking her drive home. They’ve just formally released the record on House Anxiety and it’s a see-sawing, stomach-flipping lo-fi treat.



Lorde represented her homeland with this co-sign. Bedroom producer October hails from Auckland and her song ‘Cherry Cola’ is a “critique on youth culture and the commercialisation surrounding it”, according to the new artist herself. You can get that from lines dripping in disdain like “Smoke at the parties cos I think it looks a little cooler” and “All the boys and girls sipping Cherry Cola/Sick to death of it, wishing you weren’t sober“. Agree or not, you can’t deny it’s a big tune.



Skott is a Swedish singer signed to Chess Club (Wolf Alice, Swim Deep, Sundara Karma) whose music is effortlessly poised and glacially cool. ‘Porcelain’, the track singled out for praise by Lorde, is a shining example of that – understated, graceful and minimal in a way that doesn’t let you realise it’s burying itself into your head until it’s way, way too late.




Kehlani is probably the artist here that doesn’t need Lorde shining a spotlight on her having featured on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, been nominated for a Grammy, collaborated with Chance The Rapper, Zayn Malik and more, and play at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival this weekend (November 12). It was at the latter that she caught Lorde’s attention, causing her to tweet that she was “head over heels”. Of all the artists the NZ star could big up, she seems like a good choice – on her latest track ‘Table’, she sings “I will say I’m a believer in letting people be people“. Basically she’s a strong, smart young woman we could all learn a lot from.