Lucia’s striking ‘Blueheart’ video is an antidote to Valentine’s Day schmaltz

When we hosted the mammoth shoot for our NME 100 2019 at the tail end of last year, we asked everyone to bring a little prop to sum up what they were all about. Some bands brought their nation’s drink of choice (Rascalton and buckfast), while others brought their showed off their inspirations (No Rome and My Bloody Valentine). Glasgow’s Lucia brought along their toothbrushes. Not because they’re passionate about dental hygiene – though we suspect they are secret – but because there ain’t no rest for the wicked. Being ready to drop everything and go on the road has been the key to their success. 2019 sees that nothing has changed.

They kicked off this year with ‘Blueheart’, a soaring rock heartbreaker that’s a visceral antidote to Valentines Day schmaltz. Now, they’ve shared the video for the track too, which you can watch below, alongside a quote from the band.


“The ‘Blueheart’ video is expressing what happens when you feel trapped in a toxic bubble. People can easily hide how they feel on the outside, whilst their true feelings eat them up on the inside. ‘Blueheart’ was written from the outside perspective looking in as I had been watching a close friend of mine go through a hard relationship and they were really struggling to come out of it.”

They added: “The video was filmed in our friends house at Ardgowan estate which is a beautiful building in Scotland, built in the 18th Century. We really like to create different movie themes in our videos e.g ‘Cheap Talk’ being a chick Flick, and this one having a more classic spooky feel. I love being involved in the direction and making of the videos and getting the chance to collaborate with different creative people on them too. I think when done right videos are a really important part in the delivery of how you want the lyrics to come across in your song.”


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