Lusts Premiere ‘Sometimes’ Video And Take The NME Lifelines Test

Lifelines was NME’s way of introducing new bands to its audience back in the ‘60s. A maddeningly-simple yet oddly, in retrospect, compelling Q&A that was part dole queue inspection form and part Top Of The Pops cribsheet. It saw everyone from The Beatles (Paul McCartney’s favourite food? “Chicken Maryland”) to Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, Sammy Davis Jr, Shirley Bassey and, er, Bert Weedon take part.

In recent weeks we’ve brought the franchise back for today’s new bands. Check out Liverpool scamps Hooton Tennis Club and Rat Boy’s answers.

Today, we profile… Lusts, the Leicester brothers and purveyor’s of wonderfully darkened indie.


The video for the band’s new single ‘Sometimes’ has just been released, alongside a batch of newly announced live dates including Brighton’s Great Escape festival in May and Austin, Texas’ SXSW in March.

See Lusts live:
20 Feb Kasbah, Coventry
1 March Camden Barfly, London
11 March Night & Day Café, Manchester
15-19 March SXSW, Austin, Texas
19-21 May The Great Escape Festival, Brighton


Full name: Andrew John Stone
Birth date: Aquarius, the year of the Dragon
Birthplace: Leicester
Height: 5ft 9
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Silver
Brothers, sisters: The other person doing this Q&A
Instruments played: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Educated: Barely
Age entered show business: 6 months
Former occupation: Gravedigger
Hobbies: Gravedigging
Favourite singers: Roy Orbison, Tom Waits, the calming vocal stylings of Madonna
Favourite actors: Patricia Arquette, Chloë Sevigny, Lauren Bacall
Favourite actresses: Willem Dafoe, Kevin Spacey, Marlon Brando
Favourite foods: Katsu Curry
Favourite drinks: Red wine
Favourite clothes: Nukeme and Ucnv, Oak NYC
Favourite band: The Cure
Favourite musician: William Basinski
Likes: The mist of Zaragoza
Dislikes: Musicians
Tastes in music: Scattered
Personal ambitions: To read Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
Professional ambition: To create music without notes

Full name: James Benjamin Stone
Birth date: May 5th – me and Ian McCulloch
Birthplace: Leicester
Height: Not particularly tall
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Brown
Brothers, sisters: Just the one…
Instruments played: Drums, Sampler, Vocals
Educated: Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught
Age entered show business: I wasn’t aware I had
Former occupation: Observing the shapes in clouds
Hobbies: Gothic board games
Favourite singers: Chet Baker, Elliott Smith, Victoria Legrand
Favourite actors: Bill Murray, Woody Allen
Favourite actresses: Winona Ryder, Mia Wasikowska, Audrey Hepburn
Favourite foods: Neon Nerds
Favourite drinks: Red wine
Favourite clothes: Monochrome
Favourite band: The Smiths
Favourite musician: Patti Smith
Likes: Spending time in Paris
Dislikes: Challenges to our freedom
Tastes in music: New Wave, Techno, Jazz, Pop, Ambient
Personal ambitions: Have a whiskey in the bar from Lost In Translation
Professional ambition: Being remembered and being truthful