Australian pop wunderkind Mallrat shares uplifting banger ‘Better’

Australian talent Mallrat is a truly special prospect. At just 19-years-old, she seems wise beyond her years and is already writing pop bangers, like ‘Uninvited’, and has followed that up with the youthful, joyous ‘Better’.

As she releases the new hit – we got the lowdown on what she’s done so far and why a Kanye collab is in her sights.


When did you write your song ‘Better’?

“I recorded the first demo in July last year, the lyrics were very easy to write but it took about a year to get the instrumentation sounding exactly like it did in my brain.”

Has your process changed much since you released your first EP?

“When I made the first EP I was just writing and recording lyrics over the top of finished beats. I’ve learnt so much since then; now I’m super involved in the production and instrumentation and mixing.”

You’ve released so much despite being just 19 – have you found people have underestimated you because of your age?

“Not really! I’ve learned to be very assertive and if I don’t like somebody I don’t work with them. Being young usually works my favour because it looks cool in press releases, and if make mistakes I’ll probably be given the benefit of the doubt. I’m thankful to be a musician at this age; being a teenager is a very special experience and it’s amazing to document and write about.”


This year has seen you collaborate with plenty of different artists – who’s your dream team-up?

“Kanye! Easiest question ever. I’d also love to work with SOPHIE or Skrillex or Mark Ronson; they are so clever, in their own lanes, and seem like really gentle and thoughtful people. Personality is so important to me! It’s gross to work with a big ego. My music is very personal and vulnerable so I’m very protective of who gets to be involved. I think that Kanye, SOPHIE, Skrillex and Mark Ronson seem like beautiful souls.”

A lot of your shows have been in Australia – what is it like being a new artist in your country right now?

“I’m having a great time! The thing about Australia is that it’s super small, everybody knows everybody and there are only a few big cities that people can tour to. That’s not always a bad or good thing, just an interesting point of difference to places like America. I’m dying to tour internationally and meet everyone!”

Mallrat’s ‘Better’ is out now