Man Of Moon channel New Order and Nine Inch Nails on thumping new song ‘Skin’

Hype is a funny old thing. With the right dose, it can embolden an artist and send them to dizzying heights. In the other direction, mind, it can become overbearing and unintended consequences. The key, often, is to just keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll figure itself out. Thankfuly, Man Of Moon have done that.

Upon release in 2015, the Edinburgh duo’s debut single ‘The Road’ was lauded by the New York Times as “the best debut single from a UK band since ‘Ceremony’ by New Order”, and the following EP, ‘Medicine’ EP, released in 2016, was similarly celebrated. But the band kept their head down, didn’t bow to pressure, and landed themselves support slots with fellow Scots like Django Django and The Twilight Sad.

Now, the band return with ‘Skin’, the closing track from upcoming release ‘Chemicals’ – a thumping affair which retains the mysticism of New Orders’ ‘Movement’ but channels Nine Inch Nails most industrial moments. Listen to the track below, and check out what the band have to say about it all.

“We both love dance music and wanted to incorporate this into our mostly guitar/drums driven two piece sound. It’s upbeat but also dark, ending on a progressive techno beat into a Jagwar Ma-ish hypnotic jam”