Manchester’s Fruit Bomb Create Magic Out Of Simplicity On ‘Goin’ Home’

Earlier this year, Fruit Bomb shared their debut track ‘Normcore Girlfriend’ as part of DIY label Art Is Hard’s ‘Family Portrait Pt II’ EP. It was a rampant and ramshackle piece of garage-pop that shook with lo-fi thrills. The Manchester quartet – headed up by Nai Harvest’s Ben Thompson – are slowing the breakneck pace a touch on its follow-up ‘Goin’ Home’, but its no less fun. In truth, it sounds like Hinds colliding with The Black Tambourines (and is every bit as good as the cult Cornish band’s best work) – all gloriously infectious, ragged vocals and jangly guitars that will transport you straight back to the heart of the ’60s. It’s as simple as they come too (the chorus is just the line “I’m going home”), but there’s something to be said for not overcomplicating things – after all, aren’t all the best songs the ones that create something exhilarating out of something so basic? If the old cliché “home is where the heart is” is true, Fruit Bomb are handing out the change of address forms.

‘Goin’ Home’ is released on Delicious Clam Records on August 17. Pre-order it here.