Mark Ronson’s New Collaborators – A Radar Guide

With NME’s new Mark Ronson cover gracing the shelves of your nearest newsagent as we speak, it felt like an opportune moment to look at some of the snazzy new hepcats that he’s roped into sing on his forthcoming third album, ‘Record Collection’.

Former lead Radar feature star in the mag. A minimal techno DJ, a ‘topline’ writer for many-a popstar, and tech gyal for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… Oh, and future massive pop star. She guests on the lead single, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ (watch the video here).


Theophilus London
The chap Radar dubbed ‘what Kanye West thinks in his head he looks and sounds like’ has been working alongside Ronson and Sam Sparro on their Chauffeur project, as well as featuring on ‘Hey Boy’, a smashing cut from ‘Record Collection’.

Rose Elinor Dougall
The ex-Pipette-turned expansive balladeer has become a regular fixture in Ronson’s live entourage, juggling duties with the launching of her debut long-player. She sings on ‘You gave Me Nothing’.

Gerina Di Marco
This schmaltzy LA platinum blonde is featured heavily in Peter Robinson’s ‘Behind The Sheen’ column in Radar this week (in the mag). Something of an up-n-comer in the FM pop stakes, she guests on ‘Taste Of A Samurai’.

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