Maskinen – The World’s Biggest Swedish Techno-Rap Troupe, Duh!

Erm, you haven’t heard of Swedish Techno-Rap ‘megastars’ Maskinen… Jesus H Christ, what the fuck have you been doing with your life?!?

It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. A good revision starting point is this, their new jungle-themed video featuring Marina of ex-Brazilian lektro-baile-funkers Bonde De Role (now of a lovely sandwich shop in Hackney, east London).

Johan from Radioclit/The Very Best just sent me it on ichat, and I felt compelled to put it straight up here to make everyone realise how much time they’ve been wasting on everything else in their directionless little lives.


Just to recap, this is: Swedish techno-rap, rapped in Swedish (of course) with a Brazilian baile-funk singer singing the hook in Portuguese, with a promo video set in a non-desrcript tropical jungle/safari river scene. Below the video I’ve included mine and Johan’s exact ichat transcript for your perusal.

Me -who’s maskinen?
Johan- swedish techno rap group
i produced this for them
Me- haha
Johan- their new single
Me- of course
Johan- haha
they dope
Me- what else?
Johan- had a big hit last year called (in english) ‘everyone who dont dance is a rapist’… they got a frikkin police charge in sweden for it 
Me- i’m putting this on my blog now
is marina singing in portugese?
Johan- yea
Me- and theyre’ rapping in swedish?
Johan- yea
they big stars in scandinavia
Me- i mean why not
Johan- haha
Me- what are they rapping about?
Johan- dancing with weapons
Me- great

If you were as ‘amped’ to seek out ‘Everyone Who Don’t Dance Is A Rapist’, then fear not, here it is. Though, it doesn’t sound like English to me, Johan.