Mika Miko – Best New Punk Album Of The Year?

Maybe not… Who knows. But it’s a really really really good one…

You may well know these LA twinkies as pillars of the city’s blogged to death neuvo-DIY punk club institution, The Smell. If you do – LOOK, it’s the first track off their new album, it’s really great! Go buy a copy of it.

If you don’t, fret not. Along with bands like No Age, Abe Vigoda, The Mae Shi, BARR, HEALTH and the like, these guys all darken the doors off this dilapidated club in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s all-ages, which is amazing cos geriatrics get asked for i.d. in LA, but sucks if you want a beer. It has a pretty crappy soundsystem, and quite literally does smell a bit. But, has loads and loads of amazing bands on all the time, and loads of amazing kids who come and dance to the amazing bands, with more community spirit than an Evangelical Church group’s search for a missing child.


You may have thought that by now punks bands in LA would have taken to only playing with hot-wired WII remotes and wear giant baby grows made of bacofoil, but that’s so not so. These guys sound like The Misfits shopping with the The Slits for Laura Ashley cardigans.

Anyhoo, back to the track, (click on the name)it’s called ‘Blues Not Speed’.