Meet Milk Disco: The London group ready to set dancefloors across the UK ablaze

There’s something delightfully mysterious about Milk Disco. Their first single ‘Welcome To The Milk Disco’ arrived among little fanfare – despite being a banging dancefloor winner – and ‘Twisted Wheel’ a ‘80s alt.rock slinker. None of it really added up. Until now, that is.

As the London group share their debut video, we learn a bit more about one of London’s most devastatingly exciting new acts of 2017.

When did you think of the video concept for ‘Twisted Wheel’?

“We had the idea kicking around for a while, it has nods to Pavement and Makeout Videotape in its aesthetic. We really enjoyed getting carried away with creating a ‘cult’ feel to the video, we filmed it in a day with Chris Wade, he made our ideas come to life.”

Why did you call your band Milk Disco?

“The name came from a mutual friend of ours. Myself and Dan were messing around with drum machines and bass loops getting the core ideas for songs together around a year ago. We got talking outside and after telling him we don’t have a name he suggested ‘Milk Disco’. We thought it was funny and stuck with it out of laziness: …”

A few of you were in Frank Ocean’s live band this summer. What was that like?

“That was an amazing experience. We’re all huge fans anyway, so being involved with it was an real adventure.”

Has being in that environment changed the way you work?

“100%. Having an insight into the consideration that goes into his songs has definitely had an impact on how we approach our songs.”

What can people expect from your upcoming shows and new music?

“The shows have been wild! People are showing up to have a good time, and we are too. We play music we’re really excited about. You’ll have to come down and see for yourself.”