Moondude take on careerist politicians on indie-pop stunner ‘Displaced’

To accompany their debut single ‘Displaced’, south-London five piece Moondude shared a remarkable letter on the topic of culture, greed and the notion of being displaced. “Culture is not built by geography, by place.” they say, adding that “it is something that lives in people, in people that have travelled for millions of years. It is forever changing.”

It’s reflected in the song too. Accompanying hazy guitars and dreamy vocals, there’s a rejection of the populists who seek to divide us (“he built a big wall, for the desperate to climb and fall”) and a belief in those who create and can see beyond the barriers imposed by politicians and careerists. A stunning introduction to a band that have something crucial to say, and look like they have the tunes to back it up.

“The video for ‘Displaced’ was filmed on a Sunday afternoon, at the pub we first played live music together at as young kids, the constantly moving camera reveals a setting that in itself has not moved on” they say. A place very much ingrained in nostalgia”.

Watch the video below.

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (w/ Sugarmen) (April 1)

Total Refreshment Centre, Dalston (April 2)

The Nines, Peckham (April 14)

Komedia, Brighton (w/ Haus & Plaza) (April 21)