Morgxn creates magic on pop banger ‘xx’

LA songwriter morgxn may have been knocking out songs for a couple of years now, featuring on songs with Tiesto and amassing millions of streams, but its new song ‘xx’ that’s piqued our interest.

As the video for the song drops, we caught up with the singer to get the lowdown on the song, its dizzying video and what comes next.

When did you write the song ‘xx’?

I wrote this song 3 years ago. There’s a journal entry I made around that time about how good it felt to play this song. I remember showing it to a friend of mine who didn’t really get it. and that’s when I knew I was on to something.

Did you already have in mind what you wanted from the video?

I could lie and tell you it was easy but that wouldn’t be the truth, and that wouldn’t help tell my story. I think what’s special about this video and the way I’ve been working is my relationship with my creative director Moses. We share inspirations, but also speak in different languages – his is more visual and mine is more sonic. 

Also I had a lot of feedback from my previous videos that people wanted to see me. They see me in my shows. They see me in my music, but my videos have been purposely left ambiguous. I wanted to let the music be the introduction. The way I look or the way I don’t look isn’t important to what i’m trying to say. But I also recognise that as a fear of mine – a fear that I’m not this or that and so Moses really helped me feel like I could push myself and show up for my art. 

You’ve worked with Tiesto on a couple tracks – did that change the way your write music at all?

That was such a surprise interaction. I remember sitting at my day job and opening up a youtube video and Tiesto was headlining Ultra and there was my song, blasting over 50,000 bodies. Fid it change the way I write music? I think I always wrote in a way that made sense to me. but electronic music helped deepen that. I don’t write the same way I used to. I “understand” a lot less… but i “know” a lot more now. I recognize that may make no sense, and I’m fine with that.   

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

Releasing more music. Playing a few festivals and spot dates with my band, and then heading out with Phoebe Ryan on her fall tour. We will be in some of my favourite cities and I’m just excited for people to experience the music together.

‘xx’ is out now