Mr Sanka – ‘Flight Mode’ (NME Song Premiere)

You might recognise Nick van Hofwegen as the genius behind electronic art and music project Young & Sick, but now, he’s ditched the solo work and teamed up with London producers Mustafa and James to create Mr Sanka.

The idea for the group was born out of a mutual love of Daft Punk-esque French house, alongside the constant affection for old-school ’60s and ’70s pop. As a result, the trio began making music together in Los Angeles, with ‘Flight Mode’ being the real moment they all connected on track. Heres what Hofwegen himself had to say about it;

“‘Flight Mode'” is the first thing that happened once we all finally made it into the studio. I say “finally” because the journey leading up to that was one full of chance encounters at summer festivals and a certain pop star’s songwriting session, in addition to people on different sides of the world serendipitously pairing us together. The amount of miles traveled and cocktails consumed by the time we hit the record button on ‘Flight Mode’ was quite literally sky high. The track embodies and introduces what this rather out of the blue project is all about.”


Indeed, ‘Flight Mode’ does leave you ‘sky high’. Its a soaring attempt to blend the euphoric DNA of the French House scene, the indie sensibilities of The Strokes and Phoenix, and the layered harmonies of Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’. Any turbulence? No chance.

The debut single ‘Flight Mode’ from the group, which you can hear below, will be released on September 30th on Beat Club/PMR Records.

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