Myles Cooper – Meet Your New Gay Best Friend

Before we get a full rundown of Myles’ vital stats, let’s have a quick recap of the increasingly legendary video opus to his local San Fran party anthem, ‘Gonna Find Boyfriends Today’.

We asked Cooper to fill in a quick questionnaire, to bring the uninitiated up to speed.

Name: Myles Benham Cooper

Age: Only 27


Hair colour: Mousey brown, no grey yet unfortunately

Hair style: North Vietnamese Vietnam veteran’s 6th Street $10 bald fade, otherwise known as gay guy trying to look like a marine or a thug depending on looseness of clothing and footwear

Interests: Sleeping in, eating out, music, gay bars, internet, building miniature villages, lurking, staying up late, drinking coffee, junk food, bean bags, finding inventive ways to relax while working, drawing pictures, text messaging, balloons, procrastinating, taking the bus, hanging out, chilling out, trying on outfits, diet coke, looking at myself in the mirror only to realise that my inner beauty is more important, spritzing myself with various complex cologne clouds depending on mood

Build: 5’11″, lanky, smooth chest hair, legs like a centaur, teeth like a rabbit who smokes, kind grey/blue eyes, amazing natural French manicured-looking nails

A photo you think does you justice:


Describe your debut single on transparent records: It is like when you munch on a party balloon and breathe in helium, releasing your true voice in a childish celebration of life freedom and hope.

Own your own digital copy of the single here, but if somehow this hasn’t given you enough incentive – please remember to go buy a lovely seven-inch vinyl copy.

Click here to download: Myles Cooper – ‘Gonna Find Boyfriends Today’

This is an exclusive preview of the artwork for it

And if you really wanna do your Myles homework, here’s his debut vid, ‘Push Hush’:


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