New Education – Better Than Twisted Wheel

The emergence of Twisted Wheel succinctly characterizes the lad-rock famine that’s quietly ravaging our dear nation, letting foppish art school pansies mince around like we never found out what Bonehead’s living room looked like, and keeping the terraces recycling the same frothy-mouthed Manc garbles of about 15 years ago. Are those really the largest balls we can muster in 2009? Music as big, hard and clever as Glasgow kissing a wheelchair bound grandma with Parkinson’s. The new Proud Mary…

New Ed
Fancy your chances?

Well, maybe not. New Education run Stoke. Like, literally. Bad mouth them round their ends and you’ll find out why every local venue has banned them from ever setting foot inside, let alone performing onstage. The Rifles’ (can any human being name one of that band’s songs btw?) fans felt the wrath of singer Ryan last month at the Roundhouse in London, when after a few lairy taunts from some lads a few rows back, he offered out “Youse and all yar mates!”, wildly gesturing to the entire contents of the venue.

When they’re not picking fights with the entire capital they’re working out ways of overcoming their terminal local gigging quandary by making songs like debut single ‘Another Miracle’. (Click the link for download). It’s quite nice to hear a band of this breed not dwell on how average and boring their surroundings are, but how fucking amazing everything could and should be. I’m not saying it’s the Oxfam to our famine, but, look, for the meantime it’s better than Twisted Wheel.