New Music: ‘Billie’s World’- Justice Yeldham, Mickey Gang, Chapel Club

align=”left” /> Weekly columnist Billie JD Porter keeps her beak, quite literally sometimes, on the street

Photography by The Cobra Snake

Not so much a new artist, as one who has been relatively unheard of over here until very recently is Melbourne’s Justice Yeldham, who played at The Lexington, north London last Friday.


Yeldham plays a pane of glass hooked up to some crazy guitar pedals by rubbing the thing all over his face, hacking it apart in the process. It sounds a lot like a hoover, and the whole thing seems like it’s a bit more trouble than its worth; Justice kept apologising to the audience and promising that the headline act would “be here soon guys”.

Whether this guy is making amazing music or not, it’s something worth seeing. I don’t know if we caught him on a special night, but he actually got a lil’ boner on stage while he was making out with his ‘instrument’. I kid you not.


Mickey Gang are some Brazilian teenagers who sing about young boys and girls touching each other in really charming accents, one track having a lead line of “I wish you were a virgin”, which is repeated about 100 times throughout the song. They mix really poppy synth effects with messy guitar music which creates a refreshing sound, one which I almost don’t want to develop as it sounds pretty cool being this DIY.

They have this song that sounds like ‘Elvis’ by These New Puritans that they always open with. I have no idea what the fuck they’re saying or what the song is about (girls, probably), but it’s pretty cute stuff and well worth seeing live in order to appreciate properly. They played Barfly on Wednesday, to celebrate the release of their first single ‘Horses Can’t Dance’.

Chapel Club have been tipped off as ‘the next best thing’, a term which I think can be as much of a kiss of death as a platform for success.

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to a song by a new band over and over, but ‘Surfacing’, a song which shares a chorus with ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, is really kinda good.

Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.