New Music Of The Day: Amber Mark – ‘Lose My Cool’

Coping with loss is never easy. Grief can take over every part of your life, swallowing your perspective and seemingly leaving you with little way out. For rising NYC pop musician, Amber Mark, turning to music acted as a way to exorcise this painful emotions after the death of her mother in 2013.

On ‘3:33 AM’, the singer’s 7-track debut EP which arrives on May 12, each song represents a different stage of the grieving process. Throughout ‘Lose My Cool’, the first taster of it, Mark juxtaposes playful beats and sunshine-tipped piano with brutally honest and touching lyrics (I was all full of pain just again, I had/There was no one that could get me out of it).

“Isolation, questioning, sadness, overcoming, anger and regret… Those were my stages.” she explains of the process of coming to terms with her loss. “I didn’t want it to be this sad, depressing EP” said Amber, “I wanted it to uplift people who had gone through it.”

‘3:33 AM’ is out via PMR records on May 12