New Music Of The Day: Bad Sounds – ‘Meat On My Bones’

Fancy getting blown to pieces by a homemade confetti cannon made out of old leaf blower? Then you need to get yourself down to a Bad Sounds gig. At their chaotic live shows you’ll also be treated to bouncing balloons, blinding lights and the odd decent tune, if you manage to make it through all that.

New song ‘Meat On My Bones’ has been knocking around in the live show for a while now, soon becoming a fan favourite for those who can withstand the craziness. Now it’s been released in single format, sounding more bombastic and catchy than ever, but it retains its rather sinister and bizarre subject matter: a dead dog tattoo.

“All the lyrics are conversational,” says frontman Ewan. “I’m a big fan of small talk. It started from my friend telling me about this tattoo she got when her dog died. I struggle with death in general.” Struggling with death is fair enough. Struggling with dancefloor bangers? Nope, they’re pretty decent at those.


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