New Music Of The Day: Cosima – ‘Hymns For Him’

When Mike Milosh started releasing music with Robin Hannibal under the moniker Rhye, the songs’ cover art and videos gave no clue to his actual gender and a lot of people assumed from his swooping, androgynous falsetto that he was a woman. Many compared him to Sade.

On her new track ‘Hymns 4 Him’, Cosima’s awesome alto voice sits in the same languid space as those two artists – “I sing hymns for him,” she mourns, “but he’ll never hear”. But the south-Londoner’s instrumentation is pretty different: She’s got a meaty drum track, barely-there synths and a brilliantly twitchy bassline.

“’Hymns For Him’ is about trying to put love into a relationship where it really does not exist,” she explains. “There was a total imbalance of power. I had the highest opinion of him and the lowest of me; I would have done anything if it meant that he would reciprocate my feelings. I wrote this song after I’d made one compromise too many. Seeing the lyrics on the page made me realise how badly I was treating myself.” Take a listen below: