New Music Of The Day: Dagny – ‘Wearing Nothing’

In case you hadn’t noticed – we’re a bit enamoured with Dagny over at NME Towers. Last year’s ‘Ultraviolet’ EP was a startling introduction to an artist in the cusp of stardom, and her subsequent live shows certainly proved it was perhaps closer than we thought. This includes last weekend at The Great Escape where she showcased a whole load of new Scandi-pop bangers.

The highlight was ‘Wearing Nothing’ – a funk-laced pop number that’ll have you swinging your top above your head in no time. That song is now out in the world for your consumption, which you can listen to below, alongside the Norwegian artist giving us the low-down on all things Dagny.

Wearing Nothing

Wearing Nothing, a song by Dagny on Spotify

How has recording in LA impacted your songwriting?

I think the main thing about writing in LA is that it’s such a hub of creative, inspiring people. LA is one of the few places I stay for more than a week at a time and my only mission there is to write. Therefore I think it does affect my whole writing and recording process as it allows me to really focus and spend time digging into it properly.

How quickly did ‘Wearing Nothing’ come together?

I guess it depends how you define quickly. In songwriter world it wasn’t really that quick. The base of the idea and the main hook was there from the start, so we knew it was worth hammering at, but we took our time getting the structure and the melodies right. It was another six months before we started digging into the lyrics and that wasn’t really quick either. Each track is different, and I had the best time working on Wearing Nothing with Ludvig and Alex in Sweden.

How far along are you with making the album?

I’m a fan of the album and in my mind that’s always the goal; my first album release. I think the main focus this year will be to release a selection of my favourite songs and put everything into each release, so I’m not thinking too much about what kind of format I’ll be releasing in just yet.

‘Wearing Nothing’ is out now


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