New Music Of The Day: Dominique – ‘Use Me’

Dominique’s rise to the top has been a long time coming. We first got a whiff of her potential back in 2014 on the bouncing ‘It’s Only You’ and the technicolored self-titled EP hinted at a pop star ready to blow up. But if it’s ever gonna really kick-off, then new song ‘Use Me’ will be the catalyst.

Her second song of the year, which pairs video-game glitches and a club-ready beat, showcases a new, a sinister side to the US newcomer. “It’s a track about being so hopelessly in love with someone that you’d do anything and everything just to be around them. Although the vibe of the song feels more upbeat and happy, it’s one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written” she explains.

“The song itself feels like a turning point in my artistic direction as most of my life has changed since I put out my EP in December. I feel like I’m evolving as an artist and I’m also pursuing different projects in my career, like producing for other artists. ‘Use Me’ details one of my first experiences doing so.” Listen to the track below.