New Music of the Day: Little Cub – ‘Too Much Love’

Little Cub have just released a vibey new single called ‘Too Much Love’, the day before Valentine’s Day. That might make the South London electro trio sound a tiny bit cynical, but that’s ok: frontman Dominic Gore says that’s exactly what the new song is about.

“‘Too Much Love’ is a song about about cynicism,” he says. “For the video, we took a bunch of our experiences and experiences of our friends and reset them into a sort of modern day morality tale based around where we live. Except, there is no moral really. The decisions, good or bad, all live in the grey area where I think most of us reside. Like a Groundhog Day where no lessons are learnt and nothing really changes.”

It’s that combination of banality and sharp self-critiquing that Little Cub have honed so well in their past couple of singles (‘My Nature’, ‘Loveless’). With this new release, that streak continues in the form of flatly acerbic lyrics like “I’m very sorry, feelings just aren’t my thing.” Expect more of the same on their debut album ‘Still Life’, which they announced this morning will be released on April 28 via Domino.


Little Cub play The Lexington on May 9 and tickets are on sale now.


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