Lomelda’s new track ‘Out There’ is an Elliot Smith-inspired beauty

Started in 2009 as a high-school project in her hometown of Silsbee, Texas, Hannah Read’s band Lomelda released an album called ‘Forever‘ in 2015, then got scooped up on tour with Pinegrove. The band are set to release its new album ‘Thx’ on September 8, from which this dreamy new track is the second cut: soaked in rainy reverb, it’s series of melancholy thoughts on the unknown, inspired by an old fib her brother told her.

Discussing the track, Read told NPR: “One morning on the way to high school my brother told me about an archive of live recordings he’d found of this guy named Elliot Smith. When he listened to them, he realized he could remember being there with him after the show, that they were pals, that Elliot taught him how to smoke cigarettes.

“We both figured we knew he’d never met Elliot Smith. But I spent the next six or so years trying to write this song. ‘Out There’ is about never knowing.”

‘Thx’ is out on September 8 via Double Double Whammy.