New Music Of The Day: Low Island – ‘End Piece’

If you asked Caribou to make a ‘Kid A’-style track, you might end up with something resembling the latest from Oxford four-piece Low Island. With ‘End Piece’ they’ve crafted a weird, unsettling atmosphere from chilly synths, chopped-up vocals, and hyper-detailed percussion.

“End Piece is a song about being afraid of change and not giving up,” explain the band. “It originally began as quite a straightforward electronic track, but [drummer] Felix added loads of percussion and moved it into a different world. We made the ambient sounds out of us humming in a reservoir in the middle nowhere, and the mid-section is based on a chopped up version of another vocal we didn’t use.” Check it out below and find details of their debut live show beneath:

End Piece

End Piece, an album by Low Island on Spotify


Low Island play their debut show on November 28 at London’s Sebright Arms.