New Music of the Day: Lunacre – ‘Schtum’

Cambridge five-piece Lunacre packed out London’s Water Rats a couple of weeks ago and today are sharing their new video, ‘Schtum’, from their recent EP of the same name. The song combines a hypnotic guitar line with a subtle drum track and brooding lyrics, and the slow-moving, tech-skewering video they’ve created mirrors it all. Like Moby’s latest, addiction to ‘likes’ are in the crosshairs of the ‘Schtum’ video – it pretty much takes down social media in one fell swoop – but paradoxically, it’s one you’ll probably want to like and share anyway.

Lunacre – Schtum. (Official Video)

New EP ‘Schtum.’ Out Now. Listen here: Animated by Lunacre. Special thanks to Liang Men for his expert drone piloting. Follow Lunacre here: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Spotify:

Frontman Ben de Vries explained to us how the idea for the video came about during the final stages of mixing the EP. “I went for a walk to listen to it and check the mixes. I was walking around listening to Schtum on loop, clutching my phone and making mix notes. I noticed how everyone was walking around equally engrossed in their phones. It somehow made perfect sense that all the video needed to do was to follow one of these people around. It’s almost as if the lyrics are the character’s internal monologue, an insight into the mess of thought traffic that goes on underneath people’s guarded mobile phone holding pose.”

De Vries drew and animated the cartoon in the video himself, then the band brainstormed real-life locations they could impose the character on – and then zealously went to shoot it all, day or night. “The biggest task was gathering footage,” he says. “To collect the night-time shots [bassist] Jacob and I went on a walk around London with my camera filming beautiful or interesting shots. His commitment dwindled (I’ll never forgive him for this) when it came to going to Hampstead Heath at 4am to record the sunrise, for a crucial 5 seconds of music video.

“Special thanks to our friend Liang Men who filmed the drone footage for us!”