New Music Of The Day: Sälen – ‘Pretty, Fake’

In three and a half minutes, London electronic pop trio Sälen have just summarised nearly every dodgy house party you’ve ever been to. As friendship groups scope out others eyeing you from across the room, and then when bridges are finally set to be built, there’s always that one stranger that tries to psyche you out.

I’m sorry, but did you say I’m pretty fake? Or Pretty and fake?” singer Ellie replies to a “wasteman” in bolshy fashion over a set of glitchy and intense electronic beats. This kind of blunt, and quite frankly, wickedly funny social analysis, isn’t new to their music, but they’ve never sounded as razor sharp as they do on ‘Pretty, Fake’.

“Someone came up to Ellie at a house party and tried to stir a reaction by calling her fake,” the group say in the accompanying press release. “Unluckily for him she was too fucked up to care, but we still wrote a song in ode to the wasteman. If someone doesn’t get you, brush it off, it’s their loss.”

Pretty, Fake by Sälen

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Sälen will play London’s Electrowerkz on March 14