New Music Of The Day: Touts – ‘Sold Out’

Picking a name like Touts is potentially a risky move. Most know the name to describe dodgy scalpers outside venues, but in Ireland, it has a slightly different meaning. They’re defined as “someone who betrays a confidence. To squeal, to tell tales, to inform the police of illegal activities”. A bold start then.

But that’s to be expected for a band like Touts. Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, the group have been pricking up ears across local venues with their ferocious live shows, and when Blossoms came to town in March, the group were on the bill. Nothing is done by half-measures.

Now, before a summer full of live gigs the scrappy punks have just shared their debut single ‘Sold Out’ – a visceral slice of rage-infused guitars and furious drumming. There’s elements from all across the rebellious spectrum, from fellow North Irish stalwarts Stiff Little Fingers to American pioneers Green Day peppered through out. But it feels fresh, and most importantly, vital in an era where there’s plenty to be outraged about.


London Camden Assembly (April 26)

London Dingwalls w/Cabbage (April 28)

Manchester Academy 2 w/Cabbage (April 27)