New Music Of The Day: THEY – ‘U Rite’

You’d be hard stretched to find many R&B acts that name check Nirvana and ’90s rock as their biggest influence. But for Los Angeles-based R&B duo THEY, the element of grunge couldn’t be more crucial.

On new track ‘U Rite’, Dante Jones and Drew Love blend a whole array of sounds and eras together to create unique strand of R&B – which they dub “grunge’n’b” – one that sets them apart from the rest. It’s an aim they’ve made clear from the start. “Music just had a different bounce back in the ’90s, and I’m always looking for new ways to set our music apart. My whole life I looked up to Timbaland. He has always been an innovator but knows how to get people moving at the same time,” Dante says.

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Explaining the massive siren that peppers the track throughout, Drew says: “We were sitting in the studio basically done with the album and Dante was going through sounds and I heard that siren. I knew we could turn that into a record.” You can’t deny it: he was right.


“U-RITE” available on: Spotify Apple Music iTunes

The song features on their upcoming debut album ‘Nü Religion: Hyena’ which is due on February 17.