New Music Of The Day: VUURWERK – ‘Face It’

Musicians holding down jobs at the same time at making banging music is no new thing. Kanye West is a part-time fashion designer, and Frank Ocean dabbled with carpentry in the build-up to his new album ‘Blonde’. Belgian-born electronic duo VUURWERK (Dutch for fireworks) are no different, with the pair having careers as psychoanalysts and psychologists by day – but becoming mischievous innovators by night.

The pair have just dropped their first song ‘Face It’, a collaboration with London singer-songwriter Khazali and a dizzying visual to accompany it. Peaking with synthesized womps and cutting lyrics about “egos” and the “projection of our own feelings”, it’s as smart and futuristic as you’d expect from a pair of brainiacs. Here’s what they had to say about the song.

“Face It is a song about finding yourself through others, the interplay of ego’s, expectations and the projection of our own feelings on the people we relate to. It’s about how the people we love show us our dark side. But also about a paradoxical sense of personal growth and development during the breakdown of a relationship.”

‘Face It’ is released February 1