New Music – Fidlar, ‘The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid’

FIDLAR – that’s Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk – have been covered a fair few times round these parts over the past year or so. We love them not only because their songs are all two-minute/two-chord pop-punk gems, but because they’re complete champions when it comes to debauchery too. The track above, ‘The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid’, is a break from the norm for them – slower and more beastly than their usual fare, but it’s no less brilliant…

They just signed to Wichita, and are headed to the UK for the first time this August (see dates below). While the track above has been unearthed for us to share with you – we have no idea if it will ever be properly released…and, uh, neither do the band apparently – there’s also a single on the way (released August 20) featuring the two tracks below, plus another couple of newies:

Here’s the tour dates:

Radfest, Hackney Downs Studios (Aug 19)
The Lexington, London (20)
Reading Festival, Festival Republic stage (24)
Leeds Festival, Festival Republic Stage (25)