New Music: Islet – Web-Snubbing DIY Welsh No-Wave

This week in the mag we ran a lead Radar feature about this excellent DIY no-wavey Cardiff band called Islet. They have decided to shirk all channels of online promotion and networking, because, well they can… They’d also not gotten round to recording any songs yet.

They’ve built up an amazing following just from their insane local live shows, which spawned a series of fan sites and blogs devoted to them, and fans in rather useful places like Radio 1, in mister Huw Stephens. Some might say they were becoming a little bit of a phenomenon.

‘Wouldn’t it be funny’, we thought, to Radar a band that had not only have no songs available in shops or online, but no songs even recorded! Oh how we laughed…

Then some clever little bird pointed out that we might be able to muscle in on BBC Introducing Wales’ action, where they’ve just recorded a live session for Bethan Elfyn. And that seemed like a happy compromise. So we did, here via BBC iPlayer, is their track ‘Iris’, recorded live all in one take: