New Music, Jai Paul – ‘Jasmine’

It’s Friday night, really shit Only Fools And Horses reruns are on the TV in the background, and I’m blogging. Why?

Because a new Jai Paul track just appeared online!

I’ll cut to the chase in case you’re not familiar with him – Jai’s the Rayners Lane based wonderkid who brought the world ‘BTSTU’ what seems like an eternity ago (if memory serves it was early 2010, though the song was apparently written sometime before that).

Since then, he’s signed with XL but hasn’t released anything new, save for an edit of, uh, ‘BTSTU’. Easily one of the hottest industry topics of last year, rumours abounded that he was spending weeks holed up in the studio without ever getting the right results, with people eagerly painting him as some kind of crunk/hip hop/soul version of Lee Mavers from The La’s.

Whatever. XL were always steadfast in their response whenever I asked them about new stuff: It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

And now, maybe things are ready. ‘Jasmine’ went up on Jai’s Soundcloud a couple of hours ago:

It’s massively different to ‘BTSTU’ – which was a brilliantly skewed piece of audio headfuckery – and is almost totally defined by Jai’s rather lovely croon. Though thankfully, the downright weirdness of the production renders it instantly captivating – exactly the kind of thing you’d hope and expect from him.

What can I say? I want more.

And now I’m going out.

Here’s ‘BTSTU’, if you want it: