For Fans Of: 5 new artists fans of Frank Ocean can’t afford to ignore

Much like 2016, this past summer has all been about Frank Ocean. Despite famously being a bit of a recluse, Frank’s released several singles in the shape of ‘Chanel’, ‘Biking’, ‘Lens’ and ‘Provider’  in 2017, and then embarked on one of the most hotly anticipated tours of the summer.

But expecting his run to continue is risky. His drop of new music in the shape of ‘Endless’ and second-album-proper ‘Blonde’ last August arrived after four years of deafening radio silence and false release dates. So when Frank decides his time in the spotlight is up again – take a chance on these insanely talented newcomers who will wow Frank stans for sure.


Who: Teen sensation who grew up all over the world, but is now settled in Texas.
Why you’re gonna love them: Khalid’s debut album ‘American Teen’ was a crucial insight into the psyche of US youngsters right now – much like ‘Channel Orange’ was in 2012. Blending soul and pop sensibilities – it’s no surprise he won a VMA just last month and Lorde’s bagged him to support on her upcoming UK tour.
Essential tune: ‘Location’


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Amber Mark

Who: NYC musician blending pop, R&B and house.
Why you’re gonna love them: ‘3:33AM’, her debut EP, was penned about her mother’s death – but Mark succeeds in finding light in the dark, and love in the sadness. A weighty and beautiful collection of songs.
Essential tune: ‘Lose My Cool’

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Caleb Kunle

Who: Irish-based R&B extraordinaire.
Why you’re gonna love them: Kunle was victorious in our Emerging Artists Project when he sent in his ethereal pop winner ‘Another Life’. It’s on debut EP ‘Eden’ where he showcases all sides of his music – from acoustic ballads on ‘Boogeyman’ to banging club beats on ‘Life Online’.
Essential tune: ‘Eden’



Who: Swedish production duo.
Why you’re gonna love them: They worked with Frank on 2017 single ‘Chanel’, but their recent material sees the group mix pop and house on tropical-tinged grooves.
Essential tune: ‘Pretty Big House’


Who: Zimbabwe-born, UK-raised pop wonder.
Why you’re gonna love them: Kwaye’s got a lust for life like few others can rival, none more so evident than on joyous and infectious ‘Sweetest Life’. Oh, and he’s a bloody brilliant dancer. Like really good.
Essential tune: ‘Sweetest Life’

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