New Music – NYC’s So So Glos

These days all buzz around bands surges out in digitalistic ones and zeroes via whichever new networking programme has been released that hour.

So when when we heard about Brooklyn ‘local legends’ The So So Glos it forced us to stop in our tracks and consider how long it had been since we’d heard a decent band dubbed that. Three years, two months, 11 days, 43 minutes and seven seconds, as it turns out…

The thought that a band can still earn their stripes by laying waste to every venue within their neighborhood at every opportunity, paying their dues to the same streets that made them who they are, and creating a totally organic buzz, made us feel all warm and fuzzy.


We got even warmer and fuzzier when we gave them a listen and they turned out to sound like Babyshambles challenging Rancid to a circle-pit-athon. Good times.

As we do, we bullied them into giving us an MP3, so we can dish it out to you lucky things for free. God, I wish I was you…

Click the name to download, it’s called ‘Isn’t It A Shame’.

Then we panicked that, by wrenching them so mercilessly into the blogosphere, we’d sullied all that was sacred about them. Then, well, we shut up and made a cup of tea…