New Music Of The Day: Arbor Labor Union – ‘Radiant Mountain Road’

Check out how shitkicking Sub Pop’s new band Arbor Labor Union are:

The Athens, Georgia band were formerly called Pinecones, and had an incredible track called ‘Cosmosis’ out last year which was equally as enthralling. I can hear bits of Neil Young in them, maybe a touch of QOTSA too, along with a whole heap of psychy, heavy goodness. If they’re not on Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation bill this year then the world is wrong.

‘Radiant Mountain Road’ is taken from Arbor Labor Union’s album ‘I Hear You’, released on May 13. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Mr. Birdsong
2. Hello Transmission
3. Radiant Mountain Road
4. I Am You
5. Volume Peaks
6. Babel
7. Belief’d
8. Silent Oath
9. IHU