New Music Of The Day: Cameron AG – Lost Direction

I’ve been hearing whispers about Cameron AG for months now. Distinctly, I remember loads of industry people at SXSW talking about him even though he wasn’t even there, or even based in America.

Finally, after the odd snippet of music (‘Highs And Lows’ went onto Soundcloud about a year ago without much fuss), he’s just put his first proper track up this week:

I played it in a meeting the other day and the verdict – in a good way, honestly – was something along the lines of it being ‘the perfect soundtrack to a Christmas advert in 2015’. It’s true, too: the song is sweet, heartfelt, catchy and clever. The Lennon-y slap back echo works a treat, and upon first listening it seems homely, like the melody’s been kicking around your brain for years just waiting for someone to put it on record and bring it to the forefront of life.

Cameron’s story’s not too bad either. He grew up in Nicaragua where his parents were missionaries, but moved to Oxford when he was 12. His dad is a Baptist Minister, and he got into making music because there was space at the side of his church used for community youth workshops. So, Cameron would teach the kids how to play instruments, all while building up songs of his own like ‘Lost Direction’.

All in all it’s a super-strong start. Check him out live at the following dates:

October 31 – Mirrors Festival, Hackney
November 10 – The Social, central London
November 12 – Kings Head, Hoxton