New Music Of The Day: Carson Cox’s Hardcore Sideproject Death Index

Death Index are a brand new band who may or may not be taking music seriously. I say this not because their music is a joke – it’s not, it’s super-considered and really rather exciting – but because its members are already fairly busy elsewhere.

Carson Cox you’ll probably already know as Merchandise’s frontman (and one of the most interesting, in-depth interviewee’s in rock right now), while Marco Rapisarda is the man behind the often great Hell, Yes! and No Good labels, which are home to releases by Fresh & Onlys, Hurula, Dum Dum Girls, Love Inks and more. Marco also drummed in Crocodiles for a bit, and he manages bands too – including Merchandise.

The duo stuck the three tracks below online at the weekend without any PR waffle, having recorded them in Kreuzberg, Berlin over the summer. While normally a lack of promo/planning of that calibre would mean the songs are utter shite, here prepare to be dazzled: Death Index is amongst the best music Carson’s been involved in over recent years:

While opener ‘Dream Machine’ is cut frustratingly short – a genuinely promising half-song – final track ‘The Meal’ is the most rounded of the three; it’s an inspired, goth-glam beast with an off-kilter lyric about Christopher Columbus and monstrous drums. Check their tumblr and you’ll see they’re wearing their influences (Jap-core, Muslimgauze) firmly on their collective sleeve.

As yet, there appears to be no confirmed plans regarding the future of the band, although Merchandise recently posted pictures hinting they were back in the studio in Italy – so maybe this genuinely is just a stop-gap venture. It’d kinda be a shame if so.