New Music Of The Day: Giungla – ‘Wrong’

Emanuela Drei, aka Giungla, made her new EP ‘Camo’ using just a guitar, a synth, a sampler, and a vintage Yamaha drum machine. The Giungla moniker – it means ‘Jungle’ in her mother tongue, Italian – places emphasis on the slightly chaotic vibrance of her music.

‘Wrong’, the fourth and final track to be revealed from ‘Camo’, deploys its grim sense of menace with offbeat guitar and sullen vocals – Drei says it’s aimed at “know-it-all and judgy types,” as well as being “a reminder to myself to never become like that.” Previous releases on Soundcloud are equally thought-through: the drum-laden ‘Forest’ crafts an ominous world with glitchy samples, while ‘Sand’ fires xx guitar onto a new, dreamy tangent.

Music’s been an outlet since she started piano aged 5, and while still at school near Ravenna, Italy (home to Beaches Brew Festival) Drei says she “never quite fit in… I really put myself in music like it was my safe secret place.” It was then she discovered PJ Harvey, Kathleen Hanna and “whole worlds behind them,” and other inspirations such as Grimes and Warpaint entered the fray.

Now based in Bologna – known to many for its ancient university, huge student population and unbeatable pasta – Drei makes the most of its many DIY venues. The initial plan was for Giungla to be a band, and she’s got experience touring as a bassist for her friend His Clancyness, but so far it hasn’t happened. She’s happy with this, despite her initial discomfort at playing alone onstage: “I’m a pretty shy person,” she explains, “so I don’t really feel a hundred percent comfortable knowing that all eyes are on me. Basically I play guitar and headbang a lot, so when it’s over I can’t really remember anything. In a good way.”