New Music Of The Day: Isaac Gracie – Last Words

Every now and then a song just cuts through. Isaac Gracie’s ‘Last Words’ is a case in point.

Take a few years listening to Jeff Buckley and mid-90s Radiohead on loop, throw Willy Mason’s ‘Oxygen’ into the mix, consider the logic behind what those awful John Lewis adverts should sound like, get the rustiest acoustic guitar sound since Graham Coxon on ‘You’re So Great’, fire up Garageband and boom!

Your name is Isaac Gracie and you suddenly have something very special on your hands.

‘Last Words’ has been quietly doing the rounds on Soundcloud for the past few months, but in the last few days things have blown up somewhat. The 21-year-old Ealing newcomer’s debut London headline show sold out on Monday – it was packed with industry heads – and a day later Zane Lowe made it his World Record on Beats 1. Isaac’s still so new he doesn’t even have a proper press shot yet (the image above was taken at that London gig), so get in on the act early. His next live show is supporting The Japanese House at Phil Taggart’s Slacker night at The Victoria in Dalston this Friday (November 20).