New Music Of The Day: Let’s Eat Grandma – Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

There’s already been so much written about Let’s Eat Grandma, but most of it misses the obvious: the two Norwich musicians’ ability to mix so many different styles, and make it seem effortless, is remarkable. Debut track ‘Deep Six Textbook’ was a sleepy, eclectic thing that had subtle elements of Destroyer about it and drawn-out vocals from singers Rosa and Jenny that made me think of Kate Bush at her most little girl lost.

The duo’s follow-up single ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’, which you can hear below, is completely different: A simplistic, rudimentary rap put to a bunch of galloping, clockwork-like synths. It sounds lively and energetic, but the real masterstroke comes in the second half, when layers of intricate, criss-crossing vocals overlap.

People keep using their ages (Rosa and Jenny are 16 and 17 respectively) as a badge of honour, but I don’t agree with that – music has always been full of prodigious teenagers, from Stevie Wonder to George Harrison to Beyonce. Rather, the thing for me that makes Let’s Eat Grandma different is that they just sound untarnished, as if they’re not influenced by the same people, things and ways of working as most other acts in music currently. ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’ sits pretty much alone on the shelf in 2016, and is their second single in a row to do so:


Let’s Eat Grandma’s debut album ‘I, Gemini’ is released on June 17. The tracklisting is:

1. Deep Six Textbook
2. Eat Shiitake Mushrooms
3. Sax in the City
4. Chocolate Sludge Cake
5. Chimpanzees in Canopies
6. Rapunzel
7. Sleep Song
8. Welcome to the Treehouse Part I
9. Welcome to the Treehouse Part II
10. Uke 6 Textbook

See the band live:

Tuesday, April 26 – Maze, Berlin, Germany
Wednesday, April 27 – Botanique, Brussels, Belgium
Thursday, April 28 – Les 3 Baudets, Paris, France
Thursday to Saturday, May 19 – 21 – The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
Monday, May 30 – This Must Be The Place, Headrow House, Leeds, UK
Wednesday, June 1 – Electrowerkz, London, UK
Friday to Sunday, 15th – 17th July – Latitude Festival, UK
Friday to Sunday, 22nd – 24th July – Blue Dot Festival, UK