New Music Of The Day: OKAY Kaya – Keep On Pushin’

Full disclosure, I was actually at this session as US/Norway singer OKAY Kaya hooked up with ethereal Leeds quartet Adult Jazz.

A cover of Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions’ ever-enduring track about the Civil Rights Movement, the finished product sounds precisely nothing like what I heard at the time, which is a testament to everything that’s going on in it. It’s busy, filled with chopped up flute and synth lines which tangle with slow bass and drums, while Kaya’s vocals are harmonised to the max. She goes from sounding fractured to all-conquering, often in the same line, throwing in some jaw-dropping falsetto whenever it suits her.

King Krule and Jamie xx are fans, apparently – judging by this, you should be too.

OKAY Kaya plays London’s St. Pancras Old Church on Thursday, with Edgar The Beatmaker DJ’ing beforehand.