New Music Of The Day: Public Access TV – ‘In Love And Alone’

“You can’t say to yourself ‘Oh, all the great songs have already been written’,” John Eatherly told NME in late 2014. At that point, Public Access TV had only been a band in the public eye since the start of that year (they uploaded debut track ‘Monaco’ in January ’14), but had already proved the goldmine of rock’n’roll classics has yet to run dry.

Since the start, PATV and their frontman have been ambitious. Eatherly talks the talk (that quote at the top of this page says it all), but the band more than match his quotes with killer tunes, each better than the last. The aforementioned ‘Monaco’ is scratchy garage-rock that immediately showed Public Access’ way with a chorus, while ‘In The Mirror’ is fidgety and polished, one of 2014’s best pop songs. Latest track ‘Patti Peru’, the first track from the band’s debut album, has Eatherly sighing “I was ready to die” before giddy guitars burst into action.

‘In Love And Alone’ continues the band’s tradition of blowing themselves out of the water. It’s more battered and bruised than most of their previous offerings, Eatherly’s raw-throated growl of “I’m in love and I’m alone” is a rough centrepiece that the song revolves around, backed up by clattering, cacophonous guitars. It’s noisy, chaotic and a true-to-life reflection of the tumult of emotions that comes with unrequited love.

The other half of AA-side single ‘Patti Peru’, ‘In Love And Alone’ is a boisterous, one-whiskey-too-many rampage. It’s so good that when Zane Lowe premiered it yesterday on Beats 1, he gave it his now-traditional seal of approval of playing it twice in a row. When their album drops next year, expect to have your mind fully blown.

Watch the video to ‘In Love And Alone’ – which’ll make you want to join up with PATV’s little leather jacketed gang and piss about on New York’s Lower East Side – below. The track, along with ‘Patti Peru’, is available now, via Terrible Records.