New Music Of The Day: She-Devils – Where There’s No One (NME Premiere)

One of the acts who impressed us most at M For Montreal last month featured local duo Audrey Ann and Kyle Jukka, aka newcomers She-Devils.

Gorilla Vs Bear rightly called out their debut track ‘Come’ for “eliciting haunting, almost Lynchian dream sequence vibes”, but that was only half the picture. Follow-up ‘Where There’s No One’ is a hypnotic two-chord gem which they may as well have invented the word “woozy” for.

Starting off by appropriating Procol Harum’s Hammond line from ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’, it sees Ann delve deep into girl group territory (“I think I’m losing it / or maybe it’s just time / I don’t know where I am / I hope you understand”), while Jukka works on a series of ghostly samples around her. You feel he would have been perfect working on a George Greenough film back in the 70s. As it is, he could probably give all five of The Horrors a run for their money when it comes to rifling through their respective vinyl collections.

Vocally, meanwhile, the track is one of the most impressive things I’ve heard all year, and if there’s a more confident, emotive new indie singer than Ann in 2015 then I’m yet to find them.

Here’s the track, and below it check out what she has to say about writing it last year:

“‘Where There’s No One’ was written one night last summer when I was feeling especially distressed. It was initially just the organ loop, but then I brought it to Kyle and he added the arrangements. I think the song is about the vulnerability of showing your weaknesses to someone you care about and feeling rejected because it isn’t received with compassion. It was cathartic to take this sense of my own repulsiveness and transform it into something beautiful. To me of course beauty and ugliness are intertwined when it comes to emotions. I tried to say a lot without using many words as to not make it overbearing and to leave it open to interpretation.”

See She-Devils Bandcamp for more on the band. And if you’re in North America, check the band out live in January:

Jan 15th | Toronto ON | The Garrison
Jan 16th | Detroit MI | UFO Factory
Jan 18th | Chicago IL | Schubas
Jan 19th | Brooklyn NY | Music Hall of Williamsburg
Jan 22nd | Vancouver BC | Cobalt
Jan 23rd | Seattle WA | Barboza
Jan 24th | Portland OR | Mississippi Studios
Jan 26th | San Francisco CA | The Chapel
Jan 29th | Los Angeles CA | Masonic Lodge