New Music Of The Day: Slutface – ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’

Now that they’ve admitted liking Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, Norway’s Slutface can get on with the business of making mainstream garage/glam/pop rock songs that are t-a-i-l-o-r-m-a-d-e to takeover radio stations the world over.

Just check the hooks on this latest one, which is the follow-up to last year’s unmistakably infectious ‘Shave My Head’.

‘Kill Em All With Kindness’ is another bratty gem that owes a lot to The Black Parade’s and Pretty Odd’s of this world: it’s knowing enough to chuck in pop culture refs every twenty seconds (air guitars, line cutting VIP’s and Time magazine all get shouts), while singer Haley Shea’s vocals are where Gwen Stefani and Mary Timony meet. Excitingly, it sounds massive.


God knows what people will make of the band name if they do break through, but if the tunes continue to be as strong as this they’ll find it difficult not to be loved.

Slutface return to the UK next month. They’ve got a bunch of upcoming shows:

Jan 19 Landmark Bergen, Norway
Feb 25 The Shipping Forecast Liverpool, United Kingdom
Feb 26 Headrow House Plumtree, United Kingdom
Feb 28 Nice n Sleazy Glasgow, United Kingdom
Feb 29 Head Of Steam Newcastle, United Kingdom
Mar 01 Sebright Arms London, United Kingdom