New Music Of The Day: Spring King – Rectifier (plus NME Lifelines Q&A)

It’s three storming singles in a row for Manchester’s Spring King, who unleashed the follow up to ‘City’ and ‘Who Are You?’ onto the world last night, as well as announcing they’ve signed to Island Records.

Called ‘Rectifier’, and once again produced by main man Tarek Musa, check out the single below – and after that read up on the band’s NME Lifelines answers.


Lifelines was NME’s way of introducing new bands to its audience back in the ‘60s. A maddeningly-simple yet oddly, in retrospect, compelling Q&A that was part dole queue inspection form and part Top Of The Pops cribsheet. It saw everyone from The Beatles (Paul McCartney’s favourite food? “Chicken Maryland”) to Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, Sammy Davis Jr, Shirley Bassey and, er, Bert Weedon take part.

In recent weeks we’ve brought the franchise back for today’s new bands, including Hooton Tennis Club, Rat Boy and Lusts.

Here’s Spring King, who from left to right in the picture above are James Green, Tarek Musa, Pete Darlington and Andrew Morton.

Full name: Tarek Musa
Band role: Lead Singer and Drummer
Birth date: 3rd October 1988
Birthplace: Manchester
Height: 5ft 10
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Brothers, sisters: 2 Brothers
Instruments played: Drums, Piano, Guitar and Bass.
Educated: Always learning…
Age entered show business: 6 years old. I used to record on a Home Alone “TalkBoy”, that counts right?
Former occupation: Tesco, Safeway, Cleaner, Delivery Driver
Hobbies: Travelling, bodyboarding, cooking, record hunting, carboot sales and watching comedy films
Favourite singers: Brian Wilson, Cedric Bixler, Marcos Valle, Bruce Springsteen
Favourite actors: Kevin Hart, Jonah Hill, Will Ferrel
Favourite actresses: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone
Favourite foods: Thai Fried Rice, Paneer Karahi, Chicken Katsu Curry, Domoda (Peanut Butter stew), Lasagne, Lebanese food – all of it.
Favourite drinks: Rum and Coke, Mango Juice, Water
Favourite clothes: Shorts and band t-shirts mostly.
Favourite band: Beach Boys
Favourite musician: Brian Wilson
Likes: Hot summers, good food and positive vibrations…
Dislikes: Seafood
Tastes in music: Bossa Nova, Jazz and Garage Rock are my favourites
Personal ambitions: To learn Polish fluently so I can talk to my grandma better.
Professional ambition: To release music as much as possible. To work with bands, mixing and producing their music. Would love to learn how to fly.

Full name: Peter Joel Darlington
Band role: Guitar
Birth date: 7/12/1988
Birthplace: Lewisham
Height: 5ft 7.5
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Brothers, sisters: Two brothers. Michael and Adam.
Instruments played: Guitar, bass, drums and piano.
Educated: University
Age entered show business: My first ever show was at a place called Satan’s Hollow in Manchester when I was 15. Me, Tarek and Andy had another band back then.
Former occupation: Baker, Information support assistant, Administration assistant.
Hobbies: Dreaming
Favourite singers: Chet Baker, Edith Piaf, Louis Prima, Amy Winehouse
Favourite actors: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, James Stewart, Jack Nicolson
Favourite actresses: Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathway, Helena Bonham Carter
Favourite foods: Pizza. Lebanese food. Banana and melted chocolate.
Favourite drinks: Robinson’s Old Tom. Cucumber in cold water.
Favourite clothes: The shoes on my feet
Favourite band: At The Drive In
Favourite musician: Beck
Likes: Laughing and dancing
Dislikes: Illegitimate authority
Tastes in music: A lot of American underground stuff from the early 00s. K records… Kill Rock Stars.. Marriage records. All the Native Tongues hip hop. American Hardcore. Punk and garage from everywhere. Tropicalia. JAZZ… Coltrane and Miles… Wes Montgomery.. Lenny Breau. The pop greats .. Abba, Queen, The Beach Boys.
Personal ambitions: Live in Paris. Do yoga in India. Live in NYC again. Write a collection of short stories. Watch every Star Wars.
Professional ambition: Release our debut album this year. Play shows in Japan and Australia.

Full name: James Harry Green
Band role: Bass Player
Birth date: 30/05/1993
Birthplace: Burnley
Height: 6′ 2″
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Brown
Brothers, sisters: 1 Sister (Maddy)
Instruments played: Piano, Drums, Bass/Guitars, Percussion.
Educated: Salford University
Age entered show business: 14 (First Band/Gig).
Former occupation: Administrator, Steward, Waiter.
Hobbies: Love reading, Cinema and other music junk.
Favourite singers: Ella Fitzgerald and Bjork.
Favourite actors: Bill Murray, Bill Murray, Bill Murray.
Favourite actresses: Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson & Lupita Nyong’o
Favourite foods: Mac & Cheese. Always..
Favourite drinks: OJ, Ale, G&T.
Favourite clothes: Birkenstock Sandals/Doc Marten brogues, all black Levi’s, long sleeve tees and Turtleneck Jumpers.
Favourite band: Joy Division
Favourite musician: Pat Mahoney
Likes: Russian Literature, F Scott Fitzgerald, Philip Marlowe, Cartoons and Black Coffee.
Dislikes: Soaps, bars of soap.
Tastes in music: Punk, Indie, Jazz, Hip Hop & House – Anything that grooves..
Personal ambitions: To front and write for a 6-10 piece kraut rock group, read War & Peace (and understand it) and to score a film (not fussy on genre).
Professional ambition: We’ve already had such an incredible bunch of experiences so far, but I would love to go back to America in the near future, as well as to play further afield, such as Australia and Japan.


Full name: Andrew Morton
Band role: Guitar
Birth date: June 5th 1989
Birthplace: Manchester
Height: 6ft 1
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Brothers, sisters: 2 Sisters
Instruments played: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Clarinet
Educated: Barely
Age entered show business: 4, I was a child model
Former occupation: Document Controller
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Music (duh) and badminton.
Favourite singers: Janice Joplin, Freddie Mercury, Nina Simone
Favourite actors: Christopher Walken
Favourite actresses: Judy Dench
Favourite foods: Tortellini Pasta, Pierogi, Milk and Jaffa Cakes (preferable in bed)
Favourite drinks: Strawberry Daquiri, Lipton Icetea (rasberry), Ribena
Favourite clothes: Dressing gowns
Favourite band: Lightning Bolt, System of A Down, Mars Volta maybe? Seriously can’t choose, far too many genres and bands to choose one as my all time fave.
Favourite musician: Chet Baker? Same problem, but Chet is definitely in my top ten.
Likes: Sincerity, Cartoons, Video Games, Chillin, being able to spend time with the people I love without having to say a word.
Dislikes: Facebook, Stress, London Tubes, lateness, hair salons,
Tastes in music: Jazz, Metal, Math Rock, Prog Rock, Soul, Hip Hop
Personal ambitions: I’d like to become both a masseuse and a marine biologist
Professional ambition: Always to improve my musical ability, you can never stop learning as there are so many different styles and techniques. A full blown American tour in a Sleeper bus would also be a dream come true.