New Music Of The Day: Tangerines – You Look Like Something I Killed (Video)

Tangerines sound like The Black Lips raised on a diet of The Band LP’s and Fat White Family squat gigs. After a couple of years dicking around south London, they’re finally releasing their debut single ‘You Look Like Something I Killed’ in March.

“The feel of the song is set within those fine lines of despair and self satisfaction, thrusting our evil ways to the very limit and questioning how far can a man really be pushed before he blurts out all of his desires,” says singer Gareth Hoskins.


“Mainly hammering on two core notes, we kept it straightforward like a lot of those great old garage riffs, other than that it’s just quite gratifying to be bellowing, “You look like something I killed!” at people from time to time.”

He’s right about the riffs: it’s got an air of Nuggets and Stiff Records about it, feeling punchy and just a little bit mod (although MJ Hookworms’ role on mixing duties means its also pretty radio-friendly). The single is out on RIP Records on March 18, and Tangerines play the following dates:

9th March – Green Door Store, Brighton
10th March – Start The Bus, Bristol
11th March – Frog & Parrot, Sheffield
12th March – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
17th March – Servant Jazz Quarters, London
19th – 21st May – The Great Escape, Brighton
12th June – Field Day, London

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