New Music Of The Day: Trudy – ‘Baby I’m Blue’ (NME Premiere)

As I write this Appetite For Destruction is on full-blast in the background, and it feels a little like trying to play chess in the lion pen at London zoo.

Liverpool-based Trudy couldn’t be further away from the stars’n’stripes fretwankery of Axl and co if they tried. They probably keep diaries with Smiths and Libertines lyrics scrawled all over them. They almost certainly worship at the parish of northern loneliness that was previously home to Wild Beasts and, more recently, Bill Ryder Jones.

But there’s something rawkus about them too, a playfulness when they kick it up a gear that makes me think they’re gonna be a whole lot of fun live. They’re Liverpool based, and they sound it – no shyness. And while everything lyrically on ‘Baby I’m Blue’ sounds like it’s been delivered with sunken eyes, the restlessness of the tune harks back to indie before the majors got involved. It might even be a homage to Orange Juice’s ‘Blue Boy’, in fact – certainly, with its jazz trills it’s happy avoiding all notions of ‘cool’, anyway. Which in itself is cool.

Check it out below, ahead of Trudy’s first London show next week at Old Blue Last (January 12).